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Dream Act . I needed a Work Permit to stay in the US legally. So, I hired Mr. Kim as my lawyer to apply under Dream Act . I just got my case approved in less than 5 months. Everything was smooth. Attorney Kim took care of the entire process. Now, I have a work permit, Social Security Card & Driver’s License.” “Please call my cell. (559) 308-8980.I will tell you more about Attorney Kim’s representation.”Noemi NUNEZ, Exeter, CA.

“I came to America as a child and went to school here all my life. But I had no immigration papers. When I heard about Dream Act, I went to Attorney Kim’s office to apply. Attorney Kim helped me with the entire process and finally got my case approved. I have now a Work Permit and am in the process of getting a Social Security Number and Drivers License. Thank you, Attorney Kim. I am leaving my cell. # here so anybody can call me if they are considering hiring a lawyer. My number is (661) 792-7700 cell.” – by Juan ESPARZA, from McFarland, CA.

DACA, My name is Dyanne LEON. Me and my sister Guadalupe came to the US as a child. We both didn’t have any papers until this year. We both hired Phillip Kim Law Center to apply for a Work Permit under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. My sister Guadalupe received her Work Permit in April and I just received mine. We are extremely happy because we finally have legal papers first time in our lives. If you are looking for a DACA lawyer, call my cell. at (559) 353-1249. I highly recommend Phillip Kim Law Center. Dyanne LEON from Central Valley, CA; (559) 353-1249.

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“Mr. Kim, my interview went well and my case was approved at the interview. I finally received my Permanent Resident Card first time in my life after coming to America as a child. Thank you so much for your help. My brother received his Green Card through Attorney Phillip Kim. My entire family is clients of Attorney Phillip Kim. Please call my Cell. if you want to find out more about Mr. Kim’s legal representation.” – by Karla WINGARD from Stockton, CA; (209) 640-7973.

“Thank you so much for your help. Our interview took only 10 minutes and we were approved. My wife now has a Green Card. Everything went smoothly. I can tell you more about my experience. Call me at (559) 277-3034.” –by Manal ALI from Fresno, CA.